As an adult taking violin lessons for the first time, I was a bit nervous when I started at the Southbury Music Studio. I had zero musical experience before starting there – but I soon realized there was no need to be concerned. Everyone at the Southbury Music Studio is warm, welcoming and extremely talented. The environment is comfortable and encouraging. Stephanie and Alex go above and beyond with their students – adult and children alike. One thing that truly stands out for me is the adult recital they put together. It was set up in such supportive way that no matter what your instrument or skill level was – everyone there was able to “shine”. All of the teachers there are friendly and the dedication they have with their students is incredible. My teacher is gifted – not just with string instruments – but her method of teaching. Her advice and encouragement has helped me tremendously.

Becoming a part if this studio was one of the best decisions I have made.


I first became acquainted with Southbury Music Studio when we came looking for a new piano teacher for my granddaughter. She had been taking lessons for two years, had stopped progressing and was quickly losing interest. From her start at the studio, I was delighted with the professionalism, the excellent instruction she received, and the availability of her teacher, who was always ready and willing to clarify lessons via email. But I was most impressed by the joy and enthusiasm with which my granddaughter greeted her weekly lessons, an enthusiasm that has not abated in the past two and a half years, and has been reflected in consistent progress.

It was enough to convince me to take lessons myself. While I am thrilled with my granddaughter’s progress, I am absolutely astonished by all that I have learned in the past year. It has reawakened my childhood love affair with the piano, given depth and insight to that early knowledge, and challenged a creativity I was not sure I still possessed. It has been one of the greatest, and most surprising, blessings of my retirement.

I am in awe of the prodigious talents of these teachers and the generosity with which they share themselves. I consider myself fortunate to be a student at the studio.

Southbury Music Studio is a great music school. It’s been the only music school we’ve needed for our three children’s multiple instruments: flute,saxophone, guitar, piano and trombone. With their convenient location and hours, they’re always able to accommodate our hectic family schedule.

Stephanie, Alex and all the instructors at the Studio are able to provide comprehensive instruction for all levels of our children’s musical abilities. The Studio fosters a friendly and creative environment for both learning and performing music. Our children have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the recitals, as well as the rock performance ensembles. All the instructors are able to not only teach the music,but their enthusiasm helps maintain our children’s interest.

Stephanie and Alex, and the entire staff, are professional and dedicated music instructors. I don’t go a week without recommending the Studio to a friend.

The Kerwin Family. John and Leslie.