Instrument Repairs

We give free estimates on all woodwind, brass, and string instrument repairs. There is an exception in the case of electronic problems in guitars. There will be a $25 diagnostic charge that will be applied to the repair total if approved.

Expert Technicians

We partner with expert technicians to offer drop-off repair service for all instruments.

Guitar Repair

We are partnered with an expert luthier that performs repair work on string instruments specializing in guitar work. Typical guitar setup price is approximately $85 for non-locking trem guitars (Add $15 for locking trem guitars plus cost of stings).

Brass & Woodwind Repair

Our band instrument repairman can handle tasks from instrument cleaning, to a complete instrument overhaul. Prices vary depending on the degree of repair. Come by today to get a free estimate and let us fix your broken or damaged instrument.

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